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AI where it matters

You have control over everything your GaitoBot says. On request, however, the system can help detect similar or equivalent inputs.

Open standard

GaitoBot is based on AIML, the open format for chatbots. So you are not bound to GaitoBot.


You taught your GaitoBot the first answers in a few minutes.

About GaitoBot

GaitoBot was created in 2006 as a pure AIML editor for Windows. Since then, the system has been constantly developed and expanded.

GaitoBot now also offers hosting, the editor has become platform-independent and has numerous diagnostic functions.

Due to the open standard AIML, the functionality is as transparent as possible. It also makes it easy to take content created with GaitoBot.

  • No dependence on a proprietary platform
  • Numerous open source implementations available
  • Worldwide AIML community

GaitoBot does not use artificial intelligence "magic". There is therefore no risk of unexpected, automatically learned answers.

In the GaitoBot Editor, however, AI can assist in the acquisition of knowledge on request:

Optional simplifications, standardizations, and blurring can detect variants of requests, even if they are not specified exactly.

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Clear recording of knowledge

You don't need to write a technical source code in the GaitoBot Knowledge Editor. Therefore, there is no syntax problem and you don't have to worry about parentheses, indentations or the like.

  • Graphical interface instead of XML source code
  • Integrated testing capabilities
  • Problem and doubling diagnosis
  • Directly ready for use without installation

Thanks to the integrated search function and the sequence analysis, you always keep an overview even for larger projects.


GaitoBot offers features and abilities that you'll not want to miss any time soon.

Edge Computing - no cloud compulsion

For many chatbot systems, the processing of conversations is mandatory in the cloud. With GaitoBot, this is of course also possible and represents the most comfortable way of integration.

Alternatively, your created AIML content can also be operated on local devices without internet access.

Intelligent evaluation and statistics

By means of conversation analysis and statistics, blind spots are shown in the knowledge of your GaitoBot.

This allows you to quickly identify trends and always align your GaitoBot with the interests of your visitors.


The AIML markup language supports a wide range of languages and character sets.

Try without risk

You can try all the features of GaitoBot ready with the free "Free" license.
Without time limit and without any obligation.

It is best to create your free GaitoBot account directly.

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The GaitoBot AIML Editor is free of charge for private and commercial use.
Create a GaitoBot account and you will automatically receive the Hobby license for free.


0 / month

  • 500 Responses / month1)
  • Analysis: Last 2 weeks
  • Private GaitoBots2)
  • technical support via email
  • AIML Support via Email
  • loading dialog can be switched off


In preparation

  • 20.000 Responses / month1)
  • Analysis: Last 6 months
  • Private GaitoBots2)
  • technical support via email
  • AIML Support via Email
  • loading dialog can be switched off


Individually tailored to your needs

  • Whitelabel possible
  • loading dialog can be switched off

1) That's how many requests your GaitoBots can process together per month. If exceeded, a GaitoBot advertising notice will be displayed before the call or the GaitoBots will be deactivated until the next month.

2) Private GaitoBots are not publicly listed on, but only appear where you publish them. Only you can look at the knowledge of these GaitBots. Non-private GaitoBots and their contents, on the other hand, can be viewed by anyone.